I'm Featured in CHAOS RISING!!! - A Warhammer Fan Film

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Chaos Rising Kickstarter: http://kck.st/3sRFvY1

The Chaos Rising short films will provide a dark and bloody portrayal of the Old World (inspired by the Warhammer Fantasy Universe). Follow the battle between the brutal Svarthammar Clan and the desperate defenders of the fortified village of Raissal. Made by longtime fans of the Warhammer Fantasy Universe and brought to life through brutal on-screen combat, authentic costumes and props as well as epic locations!


The fortified village of Raissal, near Tancred Castle on the north eastern coast of Bretonnia. Despite the well known Bretonnian wisdom that a well placed castle can see the neighbouring Castle from their tower, Raissal sits secluded, far from the rest of civilisation it is a bastion of humanity that stands alone against the evils of the world.

Ruled over by the noble Baron Huebold de Beau, who is duty-bound to defend his people, and his estate until his death. A great knight in his prime, he is now a shell of his former self. The death of his wife and son, leaving him a bitter shadow waiting for death. Despite this his people have, through the grace of the Lady, enjoyed a period of peace, and near prosperity. This peace however, has left the Baron and his warriors drunk, soft and complacent. With the Bretonnian holy celebration of Grail Day fast approaching, the Baron's chamberlain has organised a grand celebration for all the village to give praise to the Lady.

The Svarthamarr Clan, of the Graelings Tribe are a people feared for their ferocity. Hailing from the foothills of the Vanaheim Mountains, west of the Norsvig Plains, situated on the northern coast of the Norscan peninsula.

The Svarthamarr Clan are a nomadic people, finding shelter in the settlements they bring chaos upon with axe and sword. After a successful few months raiding and pillaging the lands of the Empire, they have been drawn West by tales of great knights who pray to a powerful water goddess. If the stories are true, then here shall be worthy foes whose severed heads will surely catch the attention of their maleficent gods!

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